Friday, July 15, 2011

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

   Tonight I use Josh Simpson's Dell laptop to write this. His dog, Mickey, lies beside me.

   I've pissed so many people off in the past week. Good people. Kind people. My friends. It was all unintentional, as most pissing offs usually are, and I can't help but feel horrible. The friendships I have mean alot to me and I hope I haven't irreparably shattered them due to the shit that went down in Denver.

   The debacles started when I realized my hat had been stolen along with my cash but that is rehashing old news.

   Coming to my rescue were friends who helped me get ahold of my father who in turn bought me a train ticket to Grand Junction where I am now. What transpired though was draining to say the least.

   I had to text almost everyone I knew and had met along the way so far for help. The pastor from Spiceland IN believed it was a scam and declined any assistance. My sister even told me it was my problem (which it was) and fell asleep at home without doing more than almost nothing. In her defense she'd worked very hard that day and was super tired, but in that moment I thought the dichotomy of her asking me to text her every am/pm because she worried, coupled with her nonchalance at shluffing me off, was strange.

   Finally I was able to (thru various texts back-and-forth to a friend) procure a ticket for the morning out of Denver. Slept on the sidewalk outside the train station that night. It gave me a new found empathy and compassion for those people who have to sleep outside every night.

   The morning arrived. As they always will no matter how dark the night is. I boarded the train and went thru The Rockies. Words will not do justice to the breathtaking beauty I witnessed passing thru that awesome range. I fell asleep at different times and what a joy it was to awake and see a new vista.

   The town of Grand Junction is fabulous. I can see how easy it would be to get trapped here. There's a quality to the the air, the pubs, the women that intoxicate the soul.

    Now as to the last few posts I must apologize gentle reader. It was my own fault I let something bother me so badly that I lashed out on here and dragged everyone into it. My intention was merely to clear the air and it ended up being a murderous attack to defend my choices. The correct thing to do would have been nothing. Just let the words fall like rain off a fir tree. I wish I could take my reaction back but all I can do is learn from it.

   This town has been good to me. I got into the local paper. The lady who interviewed me gave me a hat to replace my missing comrade. Glamdring continues to get all the compliments. Everywhere I go. "That's a nice walking stick. Can I hold it? "At first I was leery of letting people touch it but Glamdring loves the attention. It is so much more than "just a stick"

   So tonight I am doing alright. Made some money and new friends. And did I mention, I'm kind of a big deal now?

   Just kidding! Good journey fellow travellers

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