Saturday, July 9, 2011

Strangers become friends

   Yesterday I passed into Illinois and had an impromptu little celebration at the state line. Fifty feet up the road my welcoming committee arrived. Two happy go-lucky dogs, smiling and waging their tails, greeted me, Mercutio and Glamdring. I noticed a B&B and went to sit on the porch with my new friends. The view was extraordinary.

    Nobody was around at the B&B. I knocked multiple times, receiving no answer and told the dogs how displeased I was. They smiled and wagged their tails. Happy in the companionship I offered them for however brief my stay.

    I grew increasingly agitated as time passed and still no one showed. Cursed the gods. Slandered humanity. What kind of people leave their place of business unoccupied in the middle of the day? Granted, probably not alot of people stopping there. I said goodbye to my new friends and left.

    No sooner did I get ten steps down the road when a car pulled over and offered me a ride. I had a moment of fear as I shut their tailgate with Mercutio inside. If they take off I'm gonna be screwed. They didn't though. They took me to Paris. No, not that one. Paris, IL.

    Matt and Mary Kate were their names. Matt kept buying me beers at this bar we stopped at. Cheers. Yeah, I know. I offered multiple times to buy but he refused saying if I would let him buy it would mean an awful lot. They saw an old friend they haven't seen in years and we all went back to Ben's house. What an amazing dude. He got a DUI at a young age and went into counterfeiting to pay the fine and then went to Federal Court because of it, all the while becoming an accomplished musician. I didn't do the story justice but I will, not yet though. You'll have to wait for the book.

    Spent a great night partying with great people. Matt and Mary Kate offered me a couch to sleep on which I accepted. Gratefully. And that's not all. They took me back into Indiana , which I was a little hesitant about. Don't wanna backtrack. I said so. It was then Matt broached the subject of a bus ticket to Denver, CO.

    I was floored. "I don't know, man. You've done so much for me already." -  "Dude, please. My major concern is your safety and I would love to get this ticket for you. In some ways your adventure has become mine too and I kinda am living vicariously thru you. Think about it." -  "I don't know man. That's alot of money." - "It's only paper man. And I get to help you along on your journey. It would be my pleasure."  I accepted.

    Long did I ponder whether or not I was cheating the quest by taking this opportunity. I laid awake tossing the idea back-and-forth in my mind. Little late though to be questioning, I thought, the ticket is already purchased. Might as well go with it. Accept the magick. That's when the smile came.

   Because that's what it is, you know. Magick. When I woke yesterday I had no idea where the day would take me. I did know that the Great Spirit drags me thru the depths of misery to a place so high most never see it. It happens over and again. When I was on that porch I was very blue. Very low and defeated and I moved out into the Sun drenched blacktop to continue on. That's when I got raised up. I feel like I 'm being slingshotted across the country. Made it to IL only to go back to IN and then ----> THWINNG!! all the way to Denver.

    I type this on Matt and Mary Kate's Mac before I leave. I am so grateful for all they have done and the great folks I've met. Ben, Carter, and the bartendress at Cheers. Tomorrow I will be in Denver, CO. Who knows how I'll move on from there?

Good journey fellow travellers

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