Friday, July 1, 2011


   I feel the need to clear some things up.

   Yes I did say I'd be walking across America and in the beginning I believed I would, though I took a train to start the journey so thusly I can't truly say I've walked the entire way anyhow. Also, there are DAYS upon DAYS filled with only me, walking and hot blacktop and buzzards and trucks barely missing me as they zoom by and some cars veering over as if they want to hit me and people shouting obscenities and curses at me as they pass and almost running out of water and blisters and a stress fracture in my foot and a hyperextended knee, so I've done (and will continue to do) plenty of walking. If someone pulls up at the end of a long, rough day of beatin' feet I of course am going to take the ride. It'd be rude not to.

   Walking has led me to a greater appreciation for rides, hot meals, beds, and showers. When I was standing in the pouring rain for hours the other day, absolutely drenched and soaked to my soul, I watched car after car zip right by. Do not think that every person in the world is stopping to offer me a ride. Would you stop for a guy in the pouring rain with a pack and stick? I am grateful beyond these mere words can express to all the folks who have helped me.

   The goal was to see America and it's people and I am doing just that. I admire the ones who are offered rides and decline them. It takes a strength of character perhaps I lack. But I've found the greatest people doing this trip (as I live my life) my own way. I shall continue to travel as I see fit and do what works for me. You should get out and see this country you live in, anyway you want. Walk (those doing solely that have my utmost respect) drive, take a train, whatever. Only do it. That's all I can say to you. You'll never forget the experience.

   Good journey fellow travellers

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