Monday, June 13, 2011

Hurtin' and tired but happy

 I left The Upperville Horse Show Sunday morning and headed West on Route 50. Alot of history in that part of the country. Civil War battles and such. Will post pics soon. Hurt my knee somehow and it was killer for a few miles. Still a little throbby Almost ran out of water and knocked at three houses before someone answered and gave me a few bottles to refill with. I thanked them profusely and ended up at Shenendoah River where I soaked my feet for awhile NICE! after walking for miles on the blistering blacktop. Inquired about a place to spend the night, no dice really so continued on. Hit 723 as great thunderheads appeared on the horizon but was wary of asking for a place to camp as there were NO TRESPASSING signs all over. Right as I gave up hope a white Toyota Four Runner pulled over and a guy came down the road towards me. Christopher Youngs. He took me back to his family's place and set me up in the garage right as the cloud burst and dumped gallons down. The Youngs' are a great family (had a wonderful time talking with Chris and his dad (who is very knowledgeable of survival techniques) and I am so grateful for the fantastic supper and place to crash and some water to wash up with and everything else. Chris gave me a ride this morning to Winchester, bought me breakfast (thank you thank you!) and bid me adieu. I continued on.

Another creek appeared on my left after some miles with a guy planting in a garden. I crossed a little bridge and asked if I could soak my feet. Becoming quite addicted to this, the cool water is so welcome after a long walk. Started chatting with the guy, Ronnie Mauck, and he brought me some sodas and more water. As I was about to leave he bade me hang for awhile and chat and then gave me a ride over the border into West Virginia where he bought me lunch. Got back in the truck and drove for miles into WV (thank you so much!) having a wonderful conversation the whole way. Ended up at Abrams Creek Retreat on Mt. Storm where I typed this out. More to come I promise but this traveler is tired for now.

Good journey


  1. Sounds as if people are very friendly and welcoming
    and survival hints surely useful.
    No doubt your feet are blistered and sore so I guess riding is a plus - but can you then say you are walking all they way??

  2. I am still walking quite alot, believe me. This is a TRIP across America to see the country and meet the people. Indeed between the rides there are many, many, many miles of walking. But the TRIP may take many forms, flying would be great but unfortunately Hermes wouldn't lend me his sandals.