Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everything for a reason

Today, after breaking camp, I noticed I had set my pack down on the bite valve for my camel pak. All my liquid refreshment was wasted onto the leaves and dirt. I was disheartened immediately. What a horrible start to the day. So I left the park and made my way to a school in order to fill up my containers at a water fountain. A few questioned why I was there so I launched into the quest explanation. One woman then bestowed upon me a bite size Snickers, an orange and a ticket for the Metro. "It's gonna be hot today. Take this." I used it. Now because of that serendipitous meeting I'm in Virginia. Thank you. Thank you. If I hadn't spilled the drink I wouldn't have gone to that school, wouldn't have got the orange nor the ticket and would still be in Maryland. Funny ol' world, huh?

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